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January 4th, 2007 by Author

Lady Viagra must not be taken concurrently with alpha blockers - at the very least 4 hours must pass in between these two medicines.

The complying with medicines are necessary to state: alpha blockers, rifampin, barbiturates, anticoagulants, particular antifungals, medicines for hypertension, bosentan, 'beta' blockers, amlodipine, efavirenz, seizure medicines, erythromycin, nevirapine, cimetidine, HIV protease inhibitors, various other impotence medications, or rifabutin.

Your health care supplier may wish you to have some extra tests done or your dosage of Female Viagra will be adjusted.

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January 3rd, 2007 by Author

Such conditions as female sexual dysfunction and women sex-related arousal disorder can be effectively addressed when this medicine is used.

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